"Forget love...I'd rather fall in chocolate!" Anonymous

By using the best quality chocolate and some great recipes, you can make delicious chocolates with professional results. After working with a few different brands of chocolate, I have found Merckens chocolates and Merckens candy compounds to be the best choice. They are actually the top choice among premium chocolate retail confectioners, home candy makers and cake decorators - and it's been that way for over 80 years.

Merckens chocolates are legendary in flavor, quality, consistency, and ease of handling. It is incredible how easy it is to make gourmet chocolate-dipped truffles and confections. You can make these mouthwatering chocolates yourself for way below retail cost and serve them at your next party or give them away as gifts. You don't need any expensive equipment - just some easy recipes, and ...chocolate. Click here for free chocolate and dessert recipes .

If you are looking for a recipe for homemade hot chocolate (tastes very similar to the popular European drinking chocolate), hot chocolate mix recipe or hot chocolate mix in a jar , click here.

The milk chocolate fondue fountain is a sure crowd-pleaser. Who wouldn't love to indulge in dreamy, flowing milk chocolate. If you don't have a chocolate fountain yet, there are some things you need to know before you buy. Click here to read more about it. For the adventurous chocolate lover, try these delicious chocolate fountain recipes.

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