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The Difference Between Chocolate and Candy Compound Coatings

Chocolate is made of pure chocolate liquors combined with cocoa butter, whole milk and other flavors. To use chocolate bars, wafers, or chocolate chips for molding or dipping, you will need to know how to melt chocolate. This process is called tempering. The chocolate needs to be heated and cooled at just the right temperature in order to form the right crystals that give chocolate its beautiful shine and snap. Tempering is not particularly difficult if you are patient. You will need an instant-read thermometer because you have to keep the temperatures within very close ranges. If you like working with chocolate but don't want to bother with tempering, you can purchase a chocolate tempering machine that takes all the guesswork out of it, leaving you with perfectly tempered chocolate every time.

Candy compounds are also known as candy coatings. These chocolate-flavored and pastel coatings substitute cocoa powder and vegetable oil for chocolate liquor and cocoa butter. These compounds coatings are very easy to use for molding and decorating
since they do not need to be tempered.

Be sure to use only the best quality chocolate. You can, or course, use any off-the-shelf chocolate for candy making, but I wholeheartedly recommend Merckens Chocolates, Merckens Chocolate Wafers and Merckens Candy Compounds. Merckens chocolates are the top choice among premium chocolate retail confectioners, home candy makers and cake decorators - and it's been that way for over 80 years. Merckens chocolates are legendary in flavor, quality, consistency, and ease of handling and are the foundation for many well known and private label chocolate companies. They are the industry leader for quality chocolates and candy coatings.

If you purchase Merckens chocolates, be aware that they use the term "chocolate coatings" to describe their real chocolate. They are real chocolate (just like off-the-shelf chocolate - but much better quality) and can be used for molding and dipping. Merckens chocolates have a deep, rich, smooth flavor that is widely appealing.

Merckens candy coatings have the best flavor and actually taste like chocolate. They do not taste like wax or leave an oily aftertaste like many cheaper brands do. These compounds do not require tempering - simply melt and pour. Merckens Rainbow candy coatings have a delicious vanilla flavor.